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Pursuing International lawsuits

Long before the development of relations between countries from an economic point of view, the term international trade was used only for the export and import of goods.

This traditional trend changed dramatically after World War II, and today it is so widespread that it somehow covers all economic activities and connections.

The advent of international trade law was obvious, in this regard, international legal institutions were established with the aim of specializing legal issues on a large scale and internationally.

International legal claims:

Providing advice to foreign businessmen and economic activists interested in expanding their activities globally and following the affairs of foreign companies and individuals or individuals residing abroad who do business.

In the case of legal or commercial matters outside the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the provision of legal services is provided only through the official lawyers of the country concerned.

Iranians Abroad:

One of the main problems of Iranians abroad is to pursue and carry out the administrative and legal affairs they need in Iran. From pursuing matters related to graduation in Iranian universities, to pursuing legal affairs in various departments requires a lot of time and energy. In this regard, pay attention to the following:

A person's nationality:

Since each person's ability to trade is subject to his or her own government, if citizens make a transaction abroad, it is subject to their country law in terms of eligibility rules, the validity of which is significant. And must deal with knowledge of the rules of competence in their country, and this knowledge of the law requires consultation with lawyers.

The law governing immovable property:

Judgments issued by foreign courts as well as binding official documents prepared abroad may not be enforced in their country, unless they have been enforced in accordance with law. Therefore, if a document is prepared outside of their country and the people for whom this document is prepared and want to implement these documents in their country, because they are not familiar with rules, they should consult with lawyers who are familiar with law so that they can Benefit from the legal implementation of their votes.