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A Certificate of Conformity or CoC is a mandatory document which is necessary for Customs clearance of exports to many countries around the globe.

The Certificate of Conformity shows that the goods being exported comply with the relevant technical regulations and national, regional or international standards of the country of import.

These certificates of conformity must be issued by an approved regulatory body once the goods have been tested based on requirements set by the country of import. To name some examples, testing may be required to prove that:



A certificate of conformity may be issued based on product testing done by the supplier if adequate and reliable test results are available. If this is not possible the regulator must oversee testing. In either case, a shipment inspection is done to ensure the goods are in line with what the importer expects.


Regardless of regulations, an importer may request that their supplier provides testing and inspection as part of their sales agreement. This is called a pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and would be proven by a pre-shipment inspection certificate which is very similar to a certificate of conformity.


Whether required or not, the benefits of trading with certificates of conformity are:


Here is a list of countries who currently require certificates of conformity:

Do you need a certificate of conformity to export to any of these countries?

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UPDATED IN 12.26.2023